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Know your conditions
for snow production
It’s critical for profit to produce snow when conditions are marginal. When the season is approaching and the temperature fluctuates around 0ºC, the local conditions can be very different in relation to altitude and humidity.

It’s crucial to get the right information in real time and forecast, to increase the efficiency of snow production.

We tell you where and when to produce quality snow.

It’s not magic
it’s physics
With rising energy prices and warmer climate, the potential for savings will be significant.
Use the physics to your advantage.
Snowunit device
Local weather stations
for local insight
The local weather stations are battery powered for 60 days, before they need to be recharged. They continuously send important data to the cloud for calculating the local conditions for snow production. With built-in positioning, they use online weather data to estimate forecasts and elevation modeling.
The device calculates the wet-bulb temperature, which is the temperature that affects whether the water droplets are transformed into snow or not.
Battery operated
Wet-bulb temperature
Cloud connected