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What savings will I get from the system?

It is difficult to predict an exact saving. But some things are certain;
Power prices are rising, temperatures are rising, and margins are shrinking to produce snow early in the season. And that’s when you need it most!
Taking all this into account, if you can use less power and resources on production, and make more quality snow when you first produce, so you can open the facility earlier, the savings will be significantly greater than the cost.

How is the weather station connected to cloud?

The weather station is connected to the mobile network with a built-in SIM card. There is no need to connect anything. Just press the Power button and the station sends data to the cloud. All data transmission is included in the price.

What is wet-bulb temperature?

The Wet-Bulb temperature is the temperature that affects whether the water droplets turn to snow. This temperature is largely affected by the humidity in the air, and may differ from the temperature you read on a regular thermometer. In theory, you can produce better snow at +2 degrees than -2 degrees Celsius

Which products and services do I get?

You do not buy weather stations, but subscribe to insights that will give you more efficient snow production.
A subscription comes with a number of weather stations that give you local insight, and show the differences in the conditions in your facility.
In addition, you get daily reports that show you a detailed weather forecast, with calculated wet-bulb temperatures for the next 72 hours. In the same report, you also get a calculated weather forecast for the variations in temperature and humidity at the highest and lowest points in your facility.

How close should I have the local weather stations?

The temperatures in a ski resort can change a lot in relation to the differences in altitude. It is therefore useful to have control at several points up the slopes. The closer you have weather stations, the better resolution you have. We recommend a weather station every 200 meters of altitude.

Do I need a snowunit?

If you have a new and modern facility for snow production, you most likely have much of the functionality of Snowunit already. If you lack control over actual wet-bulb temperatures at several locations in the ski resort and/or good analysis of weather forecasts for your area, you need Snowunit.

How long is the battery life of the weather station?

The weather stations have an internal rechargeable battery. This is charged with the included USB cable. When the battery is fully charged, the weather station will send data for approximately 60 days before the station needs to be recharged again. The weather station does not send data during charging.

How does the weather station find its position?

The weather stations are connected to the mobile network for sending data. With the help of information from the mobile antenna, the weather station finds its position.

What does a local weather station measure?

The weather station measures position, (dry-bulb) temperature and relative humidity. Based on this, it calculates the wet-bulb temperature.

How often are local measurements made?

The weather station measures and sends new data every 15 minutes. Weather conditions change “slowly”, so this is sufficient to catch all changes.

How do I install a local weather station?

Take the weather station to the location you want to have insight into. Press the button until the led light starts flashing. Note the serial number of the weather station to be able to name it in the dashboard for a better overview. Now everything is ready.

What should I do with a weather station after the end of the season?

You keep the weather station until the next season. Take it indoors, recharge it, and place it back outside when the new season approaches.

What happens if a weather station is broken?

Contact us at and we will send you a new unit.

How do I access the dashboard?

After you have ordered weather stations, you will receive an email with credentials for logging in to the dashboard.

How do I see the values from the local weather stations in the dashboard?

Under tab “Devices” you can see all your weather stations. There you can click on each individual to see detailed data and history. Under the “Data” tab, you can set up a separate dashboard that shows the data that is important to you.

How do I create alarms?

Under the “Events” tab, you can set up alarms and how these should notify you. Here you can set alarms that alert you when conditions become good or bad for snow production. Read full instruction here

How are forecast analyzes done?

Snowunit retrieves data from The Norwegian Meteorological Institute for your location. This data is used as a basis for calculating wet-bulb and other relevant data for the next 72 hours.

How is Elevation modeling done?

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has a built-in topographical model for your location. By adding the lowest and highest altitude for your facility, we can calculate assumed temperature and humidity at different heights.

How long is a season?

A season lasts from October to May.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to and we will cancel your subscription. You then send the weather stations back to Snowunit, so that these can be used by someone else who wants control and insight.

How do I buy snowunit?

Fill in the form on the “Order” page. We will contact you and agree the details.

Terms and Conditions

Read the full Terms and Conditions here

Can I order additional weather stations?

You can order as many weather stations as you want to cover your facility and your needs. The more weather stations, the better insight.